three peaches
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American Beauty (1999)
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Andy Warhol, Botticelli, 1984
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Birth of Venus (Deatil) Alexandre Cabanel,1863.

wow, i never realized how spooky her eyes are
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Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA 2013
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Gustav Klimt, Lake Attersee
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god I was supposed to do so much work today but all I’ve done is piss around on tumblr I hate myself


freshman advice: just dont show up

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fuuck your bedtime mom. its probably like 5 am in china right now. time is a human construction that doesnt even exisgt. if u reject time you can transcend it. please i want to play halo

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a stick and poke mermaid
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Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period at The Met Museum
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Girls and Sex by Wardell B. Pomeroy (Pelican, 1971 edition).Cover illustration by Pablo Picasso.