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Wow we just got back from the funeral and mum is already going off at dad on the phone and telling him he hasn’t got any balls!!!!! Thanks!!!! It’s not like he’s put his dad in the ground today!!!!!!!!

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jack is god (sorry I couldn’t find the original post)

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on today’s episode of me having feelings, a series of tweets about “anti-rape nail polish.”
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love your forehead…cause if you don’t…no one will…

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"the beatles were the best band to ever live" 

lol …. ok….the jonas brothers though? 

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Those who claim that sex is determined by chromosomes must not realize that sex is assigned at birth not by chromosomes, not even by gonads, but by genitals. In fact, the vast majority of us never learn what our sex chromosomes are. Sex isn’t something we’re actually born with, it’s something that doctors or our parents assign us at birth. So if sex is determined by genitals, they must be clearly binary and unchangeable, right? Wrong. Genitals can be ambiguous at birth and many trans people get gender confirmation surgery to change them. Neither chromosomes nor genitals are binary in the way that “biological sex” defenders claim they are, and the vast majority of measures by which we judge sex are very much changeable.

While it is true that gender and sex are different things, and that gender is indeed a social construct, sex isn’t the Ultimate Biological Reality that transphobes make it out to be. There’s nothing intrinsically male about XY chromosomes, testosterone, body hair, muscle mass or penises. If an alien civilization found earth, they wouldn’t look at a person with a penis and say “Oh, that must be a male, sex based on genitalia is the One Universal Constant.” Sex, like gender, is indeed socially constructed and can be changed.

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Ria Munk on Her Deathbed - Gustav Klimt
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Ezra Koenig performing NEW DORP. NEW YORK. at BBC Radio 1 for Zane Lowe’s Reading and Leeds Maida Vale Special
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