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“It was just such a different time, a different era: pre-Internet, pre-Instagram, pre-social media, and the psychology surrounding that particular group of kids was much different than what you see today. Back then, a lot of those kids were seeking some kind of oblivion, a shadow culture, something that would allow them to get away from it all. It was about trying to get lost, whereas youth culture today is a performative culture. It’s about exposing yourself, posting, being hyper-present. Teens want to be connected to their parents, to everyone; it’s a more media-saturated experience. Then, it was about people not knowing what you were up to. Now, everyone wants to know what the fuck everyone’s eating.” — Harmony Korine
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Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow
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leonardo dicaprio by david lachapelle 




*reads foucault*

*nods while not understanding*

*rereads foucault*
*realizes that in nodding in agreement to a text upheld by the academy and your peers as an informative text you’ve internalized a power relation from a specific assemblage of knowledge and ideas, so while you didn’t understand foucault the first time you understood power and its effect on the body intuitively*

*reads post*
*nods while not understanding*

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Kyle MacLachlan, left, and director David Lynch discuss a scene on the set during production of Blue Velvet, 1986.
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Otto Dix
Katze im mohnfeld. 1968Colour lithograph on smooth paper. 56 x 45.5 cm (66.9 x 56 cm)
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Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Perfect Lovers), 1991, Clocks.
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my professor took this picture of the sun a few days ago through his solar telescope